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Detailed information

This is a CAREFULLY FULLY HAND CRAFTED Custom Wedding cake topper or engagement centerpiece.
NOTE! Cake Topper Figures are not guaranteed to be exact duplication of you or your faces. Faces, bodies and props may be cartoonish in representation. These are hand made of clay and may have minor imperfections as a result of the process

The LOOK ALIKE figures are made of hardening durable clay matching your eyes/hair color, hair style, and favorite skydiving outfit, favorite parachute colors, etc. just send me your pics and give me all details about your party, and Ill do my best! no limits to create your custom, unique and original cake topper or party centerpiece.

This cake topper will be adorned with whatever will be necessary to match the theme. Special requests are considered. Please contact me.
The topper sits on a plastic professional cake stand that can be easily wiped after use.

The topper can be used to decorate or keep as a keepsake to remember that special day.
This piece measures approximately 11 inches tall and its base has a diameter of approximately 6 inches. PERSONALIZED.
This topper can be ordered in whatever COLORS you wish.

PLEASE NOTE:MY DEAR CUSTOMERS I'm WORKING JUST WITH DEADLINES, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDER. I COULD APPRECIATE SO MUCH. If you are interested, please make sure you email to reserve your item. Remember I hand customize all my orders, so make sure you order early!

Skydiving Wedding cake topper engagement



Wedding cake topper engagement skydiving Look alike Skydiving Wedding Cake topper. Wedding cake topper This is a CAREFULLY FULLY HAND CRAFTED Custom Wedding cake topper or engagement centerpiece.
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Physical details

  • Weight
    0 LB
  • Color
  • Width
    6 INCHES
  • Height
    11 INCHES